One of those Days

That I would never wish on anyone.


Yep — that’s the way it felt.  There’s something about trying to leave home….

We canceled, or rather postponed, the just-begun construction job, which involved pulling out the back wall and putting in a downstairs shower, until we return from Nevada:

daysConstructionLily, our head honcho, promises that the holes, dug by Cole, will be filled with concrete by the time we get home, and maybe her crew will be able to get back to the job by next April. In the meantime, I’ll shower lots in Nevada, where we’ll be until mid-December. That should hold me <snort>

(I should explain that the shower is to accommodate my arthritic hip — which I’m not claiming is really me and which only acts up sometimes. Right now I have to climb a 36 inch claw footed tub to shower and there are days the hip refuses to cooperate. But I won’t have any of those days between mid-December and April, right? And all that showering in Nevada should be sufficient for a couple of months!)

But canceling meant dealing with people whom I like a lot and even love dearly, and it rattled me to have to call them and cancel.

Then I had to get Ms. Willard and Mr. Bones off to Arizona, where she’ll be exhibited in November and December:


Here she is, looking a bit skeptical about the cards that she’s been dealt. She’s probably thinking about her arthritic hip.

Plus I bought a new printer that didn’t like printing some of my stuff; I felt like I was being rejected, but I couldn’t figure out on what grounds. It turns out the files being rejected were too big — now that I understand.

So I printed out a bunch of stuff for the portfolio to take to Nevada, including images of Ms. Willard, and I scavenged a box for her Arizona trip, and I stole Sophie’s tube and cut it to size for Ms. Willard and friend, and left Sophie, lying forlornly, over a chair.


She’s pretty forgiving; her full name is “Sophie, Emerging” and anybody who has emerged with a bunch of crows after her understands about “those days.”  There is more to whine about, but exhaustion is taking over even the sniveling part of my brain, so I’ll quit for now. I’m sure this was the low point (knock on wood) of our up-coming journey. –June

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7 Responses to One of those Days

  1. DEL Thomas says:

    Too bad you live in cooler climes. Down here in sunny SoCal you could put in an outdoor showerhead with lattice around it. It would do for all but the coldest days. And with global warming, how many cold days can there be? Love, Del


  2. june says:


    We seem to end up in houses with their original clawfoot tubs, so we didn’t think much of it in this one — until two years ago, when I realized that it wasn’t going to work much longer. Ours is cast iron (hence hard to move) and the bathroom is a weird shape and we kind of like the look of the tub, which fits the space nicely, so we decided to add the shower downstairs. The current idea for placement is actually plan B (now plan C — maybe in April?); the other place the shower might have fit would have cost more than my studio to build. We thought briefly that I could quit showering, but found that the city would allow us a permit for a very small enlargement of our “powder room” (mud room) bathroom, so thinking of money and time, we thought this (plan b) better than the $50,000 reconstruction of a walled in side porch. Now we’re wondering if Plan B is worth bothering with — who needs to bathe, anyway. I could always join a gym, right?


  3. june says:

    Carla, I’ve asked myself that many times. I’m actually in good shape right now, thanks to the steroid shots that I’ve gotten over the last year. But I have a whole lot more empathy for the people I see moving slowly or jaggedly now than I did three years ago. Suddenly certain kinds of movements that I see make instant sense to me. And whatever did they do before cortisteroid injections and hip replacements? Lived with a lot of pain, a lot of the time.


  4. Carla says:

    Do you ever ask yourself, “What did previous generations do?’ when their joints hurt? I know I do.


    • Sheila says:

      Laudanum was the favorite opiate of the Victorian age. Cocaine was another commonly prescribed remedy and was even added to the original coca cola drink. And of course, there was alcohol. They may have had fewer options and less sophisticated surgeries but don’t for a minute think that previous generations just put up with extreme pain.


  5. Sheila says:

    Oh, my – claw foot tubs! I lived with one in my younger days and nearly killed myself getting OUT until I got used to the fact that the bottom of the tub was not resting on the floor. Kinda like going down a flight of steps thinking you’ve negotiated the last step only to find your foot in mid-air and balance totally off. Of course, when I went back to normal tubs I nearly jarred my teeth loose thinking my foot had farther to travel. 😉

    My Walla Walla friends recently remodeled their upstairs bathroom, removing the clawfoot tub for reasons similar to yours. They had a nice wide surround built around the replacement so they can sit and swing legs into tub. When that fails to be maneuverability, the bathroom now sports a shower with no lip which has a bench seat in the corner. They are covering all of their retirement age bases!


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