Cool Paintings

Remember the “hot” paintings Jan and I did. Well, we continued the experience, doing “cool” paintings this time.

I will confess that I was a bit horrified to see that Lucia (Salemme, whose 1972 Color Exercises for the Painter we are vaguely following) distinguishes between hot, cool, warm and cold. I did not really realize this until after we were well into the “cool” exercise; my mind still has to translate from “toad” (toward yellow) and toad blue.

Given my gross understandings, our choices of subjects may be a bit colder than we will be happy with later. Lucia (as we refer to her since we’ve grown rather fond of her and her manner of expression) suggested an undersea scene with blues and greens and fish, seaweed, or vegetation to make details. Both Jan and I rejected a sea scene out of hand. And went with photos we had on hand, which turned out to be rather, well, cold.


This was my absolutely first draft, done more than a week ago. That’s my excuse. It’s about 14 x18″, oil on some kind of board. Maybe I turn this into an underwater scene.

I never had a chance to get back to mine, but Jan came by and while I was fussing at the computer, spent a couple of hours finishing hers. She used, I think, only three colors, one of which wasn’t on Lucia’s list but which worked brilliantly. As I said, we are becoming very friendly with Lucia, and her instructions are often casual to the point of non-existent. So we allow ourselves necessary leeway.

CoolJanFinishedwJan Underwood,  A Winter Scene, about 14 x 18,  oil on some kind of board.

I think it’s a pretty nifty painting, myself. And not an easy subject, with difficulties of composition as well as color. And so it goes. My painting will sit until I return and then we’ll see if it swims with the fishies. Probably it depends on what Lucia calls “cold.” –June

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2 Responses to Cool Paintings

  1. Gerrie says:

    Jan’s painting has me shivering!


  2. DEL Thomas says:

    June – Your ‘cool’ painting is really COOL. It does speak to me. But if it is too cool for you, you could paint a parrot in the bush. [snortsnort!] Have a great trip. Maybe we will run into each other somewhere along the way! Love, Del


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