Beatty, Nevada and thereabouts

We are settling in. I have begun work at the Red Barn, the studio provided by the Goldwell Open Air Museum Foundation. Jer has set up his computer at his end of the dining room table in Beatty, where we are in the Goldwell House for the next five weeks or so. We saw almost everyone in town that we knew and they all seemed genuinely happy to have us back.

It was Beatty Days when we arrived and so on Sunday we went off to the Lions Club Pancake Breakfast:


Later, we saw David Lancaster and got the House keys and unpacked. Then we drove out to the Red Barn, where we were greeted by this critter:

TarantulaWelcomewI was glad to make his/her acquaintance, but didn’t really want to share the studio space with her, so I screeched the screen door, and she reversed course and scuttled into the sagebrush.

Before we left the Red Barn area, however, we had to pay our regards to Panamint Annie, whose grave is both well kept and strewn with pennies. I left a quarter, hoping to gain her ghostly approval. It would have been better to pour some beer on her stone, but alas, we had none with us.


And so now I get to face the work itself — the empty studio (not to mention the blank canvases) awaits me.



By the way, I am keeping a residency journal of the work I do in the empty space — hopefully it will be filled by the time we leave. If you are interested in checking in on the process, here’s the link.

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2 Responses to Beatty, Nevada and thereabouts

  1. june says:

    Carla, the arachnid (spelling looks good to me) was about a big as a good sized fist. But relatively slow and not at all scary. I didn’t want it in the studio, so we shooshed it away, but then today, another (or maybe the same one) showed up inside, scuttling across the concrete floor. I shooed it toward the Barn doors, where it found a crevice and hid for a couple of hours until I had to close the doors and so I poked at it with a stretcher bar to make it go outside. But they look relatively benign, even if grotesque.


  2. Carla says:

    Just how big is that arachnid(?)? I so enjoy reading and seeing the images of your residencies.


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