Pioneer Stamper and Desert Delights

Tuesday I stayed home, sulked because I was out of Liquin medium for the big linen canvases, took a nap, finished a tedious novel, and went out with Jer to see what the ghost town of Pioneer up the road looked like.

There wasn’t much to look at:

HeadframePioneerA head frame, or perhaps the remains of a stamper mill, was the biggest structure remaining. There were mine tailings everywhere, a cornucopia of mine tailings; where ever you stepped, you were on chunks of rock that humans had moved around, cut apart, stamped into smithereens, or piled up for tent houses. And there were vehicle tracks around, up, down, over, and between the tailings. Whether these were old or new, it was hard to tell.

Anyway, having a nap and getting out of town improved my mood, so Wednesday I went back to the Red Barn, spending the first hour there wandering around my own desert, with my own debris.

desertGlasswI saw another tarantula, found some of my favorite cacti, and cleaned up the sludge in my paint pots. I also painted a few masonite boards.. They don’t need much medium. I now have paint on five of the seven masonite boards as well as five of the honking big linen canvases; each of these types will form its own panorama. And it’s only day 11. So I guess I’m OK. You’ll have to go to the juneunderwoodpaintings site to see the progress on the paintings. I’m not showing any here until I’m sure I’m finished with them  (and that sometimes happens only when I’ve sold them.)

rabbitGrassWHere’s some desert foliage as it is turning to its fall hues. I think this is rabbit brush (that’s what I’d call it in Oregon) but it could be greasewood. But the greasewood that I can identify by the barn is still bright green, so I’m calling this rabbit brush. Whatever it is, it’s a delight to see. It lines the road to the barn and really catches the sun. –June

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