The visiting flute and other trivia

Thursday it rained. The Red Barn has a tin roof and keeps up a continual jangle, which is enhanced by the occasional bird that mistakenly enters the barn and can’t find its way out, and the kangaroo rat that rattles things in the storage room. But the pitter-patter of rain drops, late in the afternoon, was so foreign that Jer and I were stopped in our tracks.

“That sounds like….” “Could it be…?”  Indeed it was, and there was even a puddle outside our door Friday morning. But the puddle went away quickly and I forgot to check the Amargosa Trickle to see if it had changed to a Creek.  My Liquin, substitute for linseed oil, was almost depleted and I ordered more from Fed Ex at an exorbitant price. It was finally found, at George’s Mercantile (officially the Beatty Mercantile, formerly the Lost River Trading Company, which was where Fed Ex announced via a phone call at 7:55 AM that it had been deposited). The tracking service had said it had been delivered the day before, so I had been more than a little upset. You might say I had a meltdown, and not be far from the truth.

EmptyLiquinThe last tablespoon–

LiquinFullThe new bottle.

Do you suppose Winsor-Newton will send me some token for the value-added that my needy demands have brought to their product?

The sun really was shining when we got to the barn, and the wind was blowing from the north and east, but not from the south, so I could drink my tea and warm myself in the desert sun. And I swear I heard both a train whistle and the pentatonic flute that Richard played for me a few days ago.

Late Friday afternoon, Richard showed up with a pentatonic flute with a drone (something new to me) and it was equally gorgeous sounding.

RichardDroneFluteaI can’t afford the drone flute, especially since I don’t even know if I can play one (I used to play the western-type flute in the high school band and recorders, of course, but never something like this). But I think I will get one of the regular types, just to carry me through the cold, exhausting process of finishing up this project.

I now can report that all the panels have some paint on them.


It’s time to Begin Painting! –June

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4 Responses to The visiting flute and other trivia

  1. looking forward to seeing where the mural goes next. It is looking great!


  2. June says:

    Oh Thank you, Celeste.

    I have a liter of Liquin coming by ground Fed Ex, supposed to arrive the 18th. So I’ll be fine. I really thought I brought a lot with me, but Belgium linen is greedy.

    The Liquin is holding up well (and I’m learning new techniques with Gamsol, which I had a brand new gallon of when I arrived).

    Thanks for the kind words. We’ll see how it goes…. It’s late afternoon and my ambitions as well as my hopes tend to lapse into gloom. That’s when I get my bottle of wine out:-)


  3. that one bottle of Liquin won’t be enough for that huge project! do you want me to send you more??
    I like how this is looking. What a great space! You will transform it and bring the outdoors indoors.


  4. DEL Thomas says:

    Rain! Wow, you lucky people. We just dream of rain, perhaps we should have a rain dance to see what we can scare up. Of course, that will bring too much rain and all of SCalifornia will be complaining about it.
    Today is gorgeous with just enough clouds to give us hope. Empty hope I am sure. Your painting(s) is looking good – I can hardly wait. Del


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