The Linens Are Raised

Sunday I thought I liked the masonite boards that I had “finished;” Monday I redid them. I’m feeling a bit platonic about these actions — like I’m living chained in a cave where I can only see what’s outside by looking at the flickering firelight on the back of the cave wall. (And now that I think of it, that’s a very foolish way of saying we see badly. Plato would have been better off describing the Amargosa.)

Monday late afternoon, this is what the linen panels, the big ones, looked like.

I stopped after I tacked 3 of them up high. That’s not exactly my favorite position — standing on the top step of a step-stool, looking up, with a mouth full of tacks.

Here I am, though, on Tuesday morning, finishing the job. Obviously, there was someone there in case I fell off the step-stool — that is, if he could figure out how to save both me and the camera. I didn’t fall.

Tuesday afternoon, not only were the linen panels raised to (my) eye level, but I was feeling like I might actually be able to finish the project. There were moments I had grave doubts.

And here’s one of the views we see every evening as we travel from the Red Barn back to Beatty. Jer has to drive west into the setting sun to pick me up, but as we drive back east to Beatty, I get to see the results of its warm glow on the mountains surrounding the town. This photo was taken Monday, about 4:30 PM.


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2 Responses to The Linens Are Raised

  1. June says:

    Jer’s photos are always better than mine. He looks through the viewfinder — I blame my mediocrity on my use of the digital read-out. But maybe you are right Del — the reality is so much better, it’s useless to photograph. That’s why I paint, right? Although I’m not sure that my painting captures it either….


  2. DEL Thomas says:

    The desert at this time of day is so beautiful, even your great picture can’t carry the feeling of awe I always feel when I see it. If I am not looking at the actual view in person, I doubt that it is true. The reality is always more than the picture. Del


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