A Good Day

My big bottle of Liquin appeared, via Fed Ex sent from Wisconsin to (I suspect) China before arriving in Las Vegas where they took it to the Post office, which gave it to Goldwell Board Member Richard Stephens, who tried three times to find us before he finally could give us the box — at 9:30 last night. I had taken the day off from painting at the Red Barn and we had stopped in at the PO, but it was closed for lunch. Richard took the box to the Red Barn — all closed up. Jer had dropped me off for my painting stint at the little library but then after returning home, he wanted a break so he walked to the Beatty library where I was painting — and Richard came by the house, where nobody was home. At 9:30 he tried again, and found us, graciously delivering the box. The Portland PO doesn’t provide this kind of service. On the other hand, Fed Ex delivery systems in this town are very strange, but clearly they found ways to make them work work, even if it takes three tries.

So yesterday was warm enough to paint at the town library:

I’m charmed by the hexagonal building and its skylights. While I was painting a large number of school children came and went from it; it’s clearly a popular place.

Today was also warm enough that I shed my coat and then, by 3 PM, also my vest. There’s no heat at the Red Barn except for some space heaters, which I haven’t had to use yet. I open the big doors and the sun warms the interior and the concrete floor holds the heat. Today it actually got almost hot. Well, probably up to 66 or so. The painting went well. I think I sort of know what I want for each panel as well as how the whole fits together, so I’m still content. That makes three days in a row when the painting feels good. Here’s the center three panels as they looked at about 3 PM:

When I’m all done, I’ll walk through the whole thing, explaining as I go what I am hoping the paint will do. –June

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