Moon Shot and Library painted

I’m working hard and thinking lots, but only about painting. Which is pretty dull to recount.

I took a photo of a cloud and the moon, in bright daylight, Monday, at a moment when I wasn’t thinking of painting.

You have to look close to see the moon.

And I did a second go-round on the Beatty Public Library that I painted plein air the other day.

It’s a very stylish building, the most stylish in town. Virginia, who saw me painting last February, came by on Saturday and said she had been on the library board when they chose the hexagonal geodesic dome style. She can be proud. It’s right by the Beatty school complex (all 3 levels of public schools in one city block), and the elementary kids were leaving as I was painting. “Awesome painting” they said (kids are invariably polite about my paintings); “Awesome library,” I always replied, and that usually brought a big grin. They like their library. As do I. –June

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