Happy Turkey Day

I’m writing this a bit early because we have company a-coming. And they are bringing the dinner with them. What joy. Barbecued turkey, on November 26! Not something I’ve ever experienced, truth to tell. I can’t wait.

One of the couples who will be attending are Suzy and Riley McCoy, who live in a church on the highway that goes to the Red Barn studio. Even before I knew Suzy and Riley, I admired the building. So the other day I painted it. From behind. Which makes sense only if you  know that the sun was in the west and there was nothing but shadow and sun glare in the front of the building. The church, I am told, sold the building to the McCoys because the mcCoys didn’t want to tear it down, but wanted to live in it. It’s a charming structure. Just behind, and looming above it, is a huge Motel 6 sign, a bit of which appears in the painting.

What can I say — I do these kinds of hamlet-scapes:

The McCoy Residence on Highway 374, Beatty, Nevada, 16 x 12″, oil on masonite, 2009

And earlier, I found a photo of a place I painted on en plein air before the air got too unruly. So I took the computer at the Red Barn and finished the painting, using a digitized photo as a memory aid. This is of the Beatty (north) end of the Bare Mountains, which run north/south down the Amargosa Valley and desert.

The Bare Mountains from near the Beatty airport, 16 x 12″, oil on masonite, 2009

So here’s wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. Jer and I have a lot to give thanks for  this year — a new son-in-law, an independent grandchild, friends in Beatty Nevada. Who ever would have guessed? –June

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