Glorious Days

Thanksgiving in Beatty, Nevada, was beautiful, in all the ways one can imagine. The day began with a walk down to the Amargosa River, which trickled by with its guppies swimming merrily and the cottonwoods looking as if they belonged in, well, Portland — in early October.

Our Goldwell hosts came, bringing dinner with them (they grilled a turkey outside, on November 26! Unheard of in the northern climes), the day remained gorgeous, and even the evening glow on Beatty mountain did its thing beautifully.

This is the mountain as we an see it from Goldwell House — the photo was taken while we were outside grilling and chatting and enjoying the sunshine.

Friday, the weather clouded up. The Hackett-Morgans divvied up the turkey and leftovers, giving us enough supplies for the next two weeks, and headed back to Vegas. After running some errands, I took a nap. I had gotten their fresh eyes on the paintings and some fresh advice which I can easily work with, and in running a few more errands, I got to take the sunset photo that a pending storm provided.

For photos of the main Thanksgiving events, people, activities, and fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate, you have to go to my residency blog, Today, Saturday, it’s back to work. I know precisely what needs doing; it shouldn’t take long (unless I mess it up badly, which is always a possibility). –June

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4 Responses to Glorious Days

  1. June says:

    Thanks, Margaret — they really are glorious. And I can’t believe I’m seeing them in November. This is not part of my biological memory.


  2. margaret says:

    Oh those cottonwoods sparkling in the sun – how beautiful….


  3. June says:

    It may be that I was using the northern climes as an excuse not to know anything about grilling turkey. On the other hand, you came from the south, remember? Californians, however ex-, never get the grilling idea out of their minds. We had a friend who insisted on grilling dinner in January in Wyoming! They were from San Diego. I think he’s gotten over that now, 40 years later!


  4. Gerrie says:

    Now, June, we almost always grill our turkey in this northern clime. My oven isn’t big enough for the turkey and all the other goodies. I love the smokey flavor. What a nice day you had with your desert friends. I can’t wait for out desert trip in Feb.


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