Panel #1, The Unoriented Desert

I am going to post a single panel of my paintings, one every other day, until I’ve completed the set of seven. I may have to include some  photos of other things that I can’t resist showing.  But the main object of this set of posts is to get through the panels with some semblance of sanity. After I’ve shown each panel, I may even have some combos to lay out for you how they look together. We’ll see.

There’s a possibility that one of the Goldwell Open Air Art Museum’s Directors, David Lancaster, will be able to professionally photograph the art this week. In that case, the images I present could get much better. What I will show here was done with a point and shoot, worked over a bit with Photoshop Elements.

The Unoriented Amargosa, panel #1 (east), 4′ x 5′, oil on linen, 2009

And I don’t want anyone to point out that by naming this as the easternmost panel, I have oriented the scene. I already know that –snort–

Here’s what came to visit when I was playing my flute (instead of painting) on Monday the 30th. I think she was congratulating me (on what, we won’t conjecture). I have included two photos, one so you can see the critter and the other so you can see her against the mountains.

Amargosa Dragonfly

Amargosa Dragonfly, November 30, 2009.


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4 Responses to Panel #1, The Unoriented Desert

  1. june says:

    Thanks, Irene.


  2. irenegeller says:

    Hi there; I like how you used focus in this panel and especially in #2- it seems like small, sharper details pop against the blurry background. Cool 🙂


  3. June says:

    Gee, shucks. gosh. Thank you.

    Your blog got Jer and I both laughing uncontrollably. Altogether too accurate about T-day, I’m afraid. And do you think Sam will dare to try another family dinner at Christmas?


  4. Jan says:

    the painting is aMAzing


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