Un-Oriented Amargosa, Panel #7

Un-Oriented Amargosa, Panel #7 (west), 4 feet x 5 feet, Oil on linen, 2009

This last panel, like #2, had more conventional possibilities for painting. The only diversion from an ordinary landscape that I included (in part because it was so conventional) was to move the shadows in contrary directions. This was an easy panel to paint; I had to pull back from some exuberant color that originally showed up. but all in all, it was pretty straightforward. At last.

And here’s a view of the full set of panels as they appeared at the Red Barn studio on December 3. These were photographed by David Lancaster, a Goldwell board member and professional photographer.


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5 Responses to Un-Oriented Amargosa, Panel #7

  1. June says:

    Thanks, Terry, Once I get my nerve up (and my studio cleaned out a bit) I’m hoping to stretch these and then I’ll be able to place them around the studio a bit like a semi-circular panorama. That was something like I originally hoped to do.

    Of course, they’ll all need more work which will be stranglingly obvious as soon as I open the box. So I’m avoiding that bit of challenge for the nonce. Have to get rid of some paintings first, so there’s room. And then there are the other small ones from the trip that need to be touched up, worked over, thrown out…..


  2. DEL Thomas says:

    I suppose I will have to drive up to Portland again to see this wonderful painting “on the canvas”! Probably not until April, which is when I might be over this terrible cold I caught up there. Poor little hot house flower!


  3. terry grant says:

    I can’t wait to see these. The color looks spectacular!


  4. June says:

    Thanks, Liz, ‘preciate your checking in. I haven’t unpacked the set yet; I think I’m procrastinating out of fear of what I did. So it’s heartening to have such a compliment. Maybe I’ll go out and start opening the box.


  5. lizplummer says:

    Wow, that’s stunning, June!


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