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Ok, I’ll admit it: the social season has caught up with us. Yesterday we went off to what we assumed would be a small opening at the new quarters of the Oregon Jewish Museum in NW Portland, found it huge, spacious, and hosted by our friend and archivist Anne, who gave us a complete tour and a fascinating history of the building. And while we were there, we met up with our friends from Corvallis who were staying with friends  in a condo in downtown Portland, and we got invited to dinner, and it was Jane’s birthday, and so any plans for a considered, coherent, organized post were totally dissipated. It was great fun.

But — here’s a photo from Death Valley — one of the inhabitants who thought oil paints might be fun to eat:

This raven was the first of the corvidae I’ve ever met that would come close enough for a good photo. Like I said, it perhaps hadn’t had much experience with plein air painters; thought I might be sitting down to lunch.

And here’s an updated version of a painting I’ve probably shown three times, but now it’s better. The Atomic (AKA Phoenix) Inn came up at Sunday night’s impromptu dinner, so it’s more relevant than the Death Valley Raven:

The Atomic Inn, 12 x 16″, oil on masonite, 2009

The signs from its old incarnation, The phoenix Inn, haven’t yet been changed; the red circles around the bigger sign are colored lights that go around and around and compete with the casino signs for attention. In this painting, I was actually enthralled by Beatty Mountain, but had to title it otherwise; I’ve already got a number of paintings called “Beatty Mountain.”

And no, I haven’t opened the box of big paintings yet. I’m creeping closer to the time to do so. I’m re-working the small panoramic study that I did while I was still just smearing paint on the big canvases. These small panels are coming along OK, but have to be finished and drying before I dare open the box.  I’m also thinking of sedating myself, preferably with champagne, before I tackle the tape.

The box doesn’t look that big, does it? But it truly contains all seven canvases, 4 x 5′ each. Or, at least, I think, we packed them all ….. –June

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