Holiday Feasts

Unfortunately for our guests, the above are images of the feast at our friend Janet’s house.

We were a bit more abstemious at ours:

but the company was delightful, even if the desserts lacked a certain –umm — elan. –June

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4 Responses to Holiday Feasts

  1. June says:

    Janet, I think you speak too humbly (to say the least). I suspect that pie is too easy, hence avoided. Anyone who does baklava…..

    Which I note didn’t even get into the photo!


  2. Janet says:

    You’ll note that my spread was pie-less. I’m intimidated by pie.


  3. June says:

    The only thing that redeemed my pie was that we got to go to Janet’s the next day. And the funny story about my grandson driving away, having put the bag with the leftovers on the curb beside his car and driving away without it. I noted earlier at the table that he took one bite of the pie and then mushed everything together as if he had been eating it; time-honored way of not insulting the hostess. His friend was much more polite and ate it without a word of criticism. I ate all mine but only just and with much disgust. We put half the pie, a good batch of turkey, a container of buttered yams, and a batch of gravy in a bag for him and his roommate, figuring young guys will eat anything. That’s what he left behind. We found some of it on the curb the following day; a street person had taken what looked best, we think. The pie remained.

    Then later, we could feel righteous about indulging in spectacular holiday goodies. After all, we had made the grand gesture of baking a pie (and didn’t have to eat the leftovers) — and I think the leaving of the bag of leftovers was a genuine error since the turkey was good and the gravy splendid, as were the yams. Our feasting friends are notable for their culinary talents. We are notable for our lack thereof. Every performer needs an audience, right? and every cook needs happy eaters –snort — Even if they do leave some of the worst results of the bad cook’s cooking behind.

    Glad to hear your voice, Carla.


  4. Carla says:

    That was quite the dessert spread! Yours looks just as good.


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