Stretching the Canvases: part 1

I’m not sure this is Part 1 — I think Part 1 was the moment I thought of doing these big canvases in 0il, on site. Nevertheless.

I have moved on. The stretcher boards have been bought: fourteen 48-inchers; fourteen 60-inchers, and 7 more 60-inchers to cut up as braces. I bought these at I’ve Been Framed, at SE 50th and Foster for outrageously cheap prices. Then I asked my woodworking neighbor across the street to help me square them up and brace them.

This is what a pile of stretcher bars, in process, looks like:

The neighbor is a carpenter but not an oil painter, so had little experience with stretcher bars. But he’s also a problem solver, which came in handy. I tried to use my quilting right-angled rulers as squaring devices; he quickly left to get his woodworking tools:

The quilting ruler does look slightly inadequate to the task.

Within an hour and a half, we had finished seven stretcher bars, square and stapled together. The woodworker went home to work up the braces and today, we’ll commence with the bracing and then to the stretching of the first canvas. Deep breaths, that’s what I’m recommending.

Don’t they look handsome? –June

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