Oh Mercy, Fogged Again

I had resized the photos. I had a bit of a narrative. I had the date. But I forgot the blog.

So here is the blog that should have run January 2. I looked at this site on January 3, thinking perhaps I needed to think of something for tomorrow, January 4th. But alas, I needed to have posted something yesterday.

So, wondering if this bodes ill for 2010 (and if so, what kind of boding is over the horizon), I am presenting you with the January 2nd blog, late in the day on January 3rd.

Last week, I mucked around with this bit of stretched canvas. It’s leftover belgium linen for the leftover mind:

Probably leftover paint, too.

I called this “Waiting.” Waiting for what? I dunno.

Somehow it got to here from there. Not sure how. I think I scraped off the canvas, a lot. And then mucked about again.

Waiting, draft 4, about 24″ x 24″, Oil on linen, 2010.

I’m sure there’s a deep hidden meaning in this title, but I’m not at all sure what it is. I guess I’ll wait and see. –June

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