Now the Real Painting Begins

The big linen desert paintings have been stretched on their stretcher bars and now all their warts and globs can be seen. So I’ve been touching them up, painting them down, dressing the edges, and generally having a good time making them look their best. They are arrayed around my studio, where they fit, provided I don’t want to do any other painting there.

Paintings to the left of me —

Paintings to the right of me:

But of course, when one touches up one panel of a panoramic scene, the panel on the next side need re- coordinated to match the new reality.  So the painting on the left below has been re-worked, but the painting on the right awaits the next session.

I have something in mind that doesn’t come across in this detail, I promise. But you can see that More Must Be Done. That’s the day’s work — to make the edges match and rework the first a bit. Then I’ll put the right-hand painting on the easel, where I can work the sky more fully and try not to muck up the repainted edges. I will certainly muck up the far side so the next panel over will have to be realigned. But then, no painting is ever finished until….. –June

May I quote anonymous about the definition of art? “Art is that which is sold; the rest is obsession — and a storage problem.” It’s my current mantra.

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3 Responses to Now the Real Painting Begins

  1. We spent so much time on your site because we are trying to figure out how you are able to attract so many people to your site. Your site is awesome and we absolutely love the theme that you picked; are you paying for it or is it free?


  2. June says:

    Actually, I am claustrophobic, but the canvas convinces me that space is an illusion that I can manipulate — as I have. Good to hear from you, Sheila.


  3. Sheila says:

    This must be so thrilling to be surrounded by your beloved desert, immersed in it, closed in by it. Hope you’re not claustrophobic!


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