First Showing

Tuesday, the painting critique group to which I belong convened at my house. This is a jolly group of seven colleagues which meets once a month. We first met in an evening painting class and decided to continue to meet to discuss each other’s work. We act both as eyes and thoughts for each other and as a way to encourage each of us to continue pursuing our obsession. The monastic existence I led in Nevada was good for getting work done, but those landscapes ultimately require conversation about what ensued and what might further be made of them. This crew, congenial as they are, are totally serious about the art of painting. That’s what makes them so good for me.

This is Helen, Susan, Me, and the back of Catherine’s head, in my painting studio. As usual, I’m talking with my hands, trying to explain something. David Trowbridge was the photographer for this photos as well as the two that follow:

I’m rather fond of this photo, which David took from outside the studio doors.

Here he caught four of the panels, part of #3, all of 4 and 5, and part of # 6 (there are seven altogether).

The group admired the exhibiting structures and had very good observations for further work on the paintings, particularly on Dratted Panel #4, which has received more attention than my first born child. They also talked about the skies, which take up a lot of space on the canvases. The studio isn’t quite fit for long-time habitation yet, but by Monday, I’m hoping the oils will have finished off-gassing and allow me to rejoin their universe.

Here’s the group, back in my “living room” (actually, the textile studio inside the house which can be rearranged into a sitting room).

This photo was taken by me, and includes Jane, David, Helen, Susan, and Jerry D. We were looking at someone’s work, I’m not sure whose. I liked our common cheerfulness in this photo — it captures the feel of the group quite well. –June

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