SAQA-Oregon and Others at the Pine Needle

Saturday I was honored to be a presence at one of the first of 2010’s SAQA-Oregon exhibits. The Pine Needle, a quilt shop in Lake Oswego, has a quilter’s open house once a year, and a number of quilt organizations, and a whole lot of quilts and quilters show up. Georgia French and Laura Jaszkowski, our new SAQA regional reps, set up a public display with only a month or so’s notice, and Portland-area SAQA members like myself spent some time handing out SAQA brochures.

We shared our space with a book club for quilters, organized in 2000 and still going strong. According to their brochure, the timeline for the book to quilt process is six months. I met Carole Monahan, who was representing the Cover to Cover folks: here she is and here is also a detail of her quilt, inspired by the book Three Cups of Tea:

I couldn’t get a full photo of her piece, as it was over-lain by others in the group (who weren’t there to give me permission to show their work). Carole asked that I mention that Lee Fowler quilted her piece. Both the piecing and quilting were beautifully done.

The Northwest Quilters, who are getting ready for their annual quilt extravaganza in March, were also a presence. Here is this year’s Raffle Quilt (a better photo can be seen on their web page):

The Rose Rhapsody in Blue was designed by Marjorie Post and Rita Kilstrom with the border applique and the hand quilting done by the members of the Northwest Quilters Guild; the 36th annual show will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, March 12, 13, and 14, 2010, 10am to 6pm. The show will be in a new location, at the Portland Expo Center, Exhibit Hall A, 2060 N. Marine Drive in Portland.

And of course there was the SAQA work. But I forgot to photograph my own (and besides, you’ve seen it already) and couldn’t get any good photos of the work of those whom I might have contacted to ask for permission. So you’ll just have to wait until we meet in March in Portland, at the Pine Needle, to get glimpses of the work the art quilters are doing. I recognized many but not all names of members, so I’m eager to meet our Oregon quilting artists. See, I do sometimes do something besides paint — Laura and Georgia are just too persuasive. –June

A Postscript: Gerrie Congdon, who relieved me from the onerous duty of handing out brochures, caught some photos of the SAQA pieces. You can see them at her blog.

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