Annual Amaryllis Adoration

January is definitely the month for Amaryllis. This year we got ours after Christmas. In Portland, they are a big thing before Christmas and can be found in most any general merchandise store.  After Christmas, however, it’s definitely a crap shoot. Jer brought home three, from Freddy’s, as week or more after Christmas. One was actually escaping, anemically, its box, a long stem poking through the air hole.  But experience has taught me that even the worst looking fellows can sometimes be rescued; these were the last three Freddy’s had, so we feel like we were rescuing runts.

And what runts they are!

This is the most spectacular thus far — the “curve” in the stem is the result of growth regardless of condition — it came out of the box ready to put out a bloom.

It not only has these four blooms, but another set on the way. Must have been to a fertility clinic.

This little guy is just about to burst forth. It is part of the bulb whose long stem that I had extracted carefully from the air hole but which  was too bent to get enough nourishment. But its sister seems to be surviving nicely. This is Hippeastrum Amaryllis “Piquant;” the red one is  “Red Lion” and a third, still tightly wrapped in its bud, is “Apple Blossom.” Of the last, one is white and the other pink, but I won’t know which is which until they bloom.

They always make me gasp at their beauty, which seems to appear just as January seems to settle into our bones. No wonder we adore amaryllis. –June

By the way, I’m trying to suss out the size of photos that would allow the best looking home page, but give a clickable to a larger one. Usually I just make mine the biggest size that will fit onto most computer screens, but this time, I sized the photos larger and then picked “medium” for home page display. But they are a bit disappointing. Don’t know whether this is the route I’ll go or not. You can let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Annual Amaryllis Adoration

  1. june says:

    I uploaded bigger photos of these and then set them to show up in “medium” size. I’m not sure I like the way the page looks when they are medium, but the photos sure are fun when you click on them. Vanity vanity, all is vanity. I want it both ways.

    I always save them, they never rebloom, and eventually something eats them or they rot away. In Kansas, where the light was brighter, they sometimes would rebloom the next year if I remembered to stow them away. But mostly now I just put them outside where I need a bit of bloom.

    We have something like snowdrops blooming that I saw just this morning. But they must be a hybrid or a fancy-schmancy version, doubles, with much frillier foliage. The regular snowdrops aren’t blooming, although I may be seeing foliage in the leaves. Jer planted them; I didn’t. So I’m not sure where they are, exactly.


  2. Jan says:

    These are all gorgeous (and bigger when I click on them!) that last green one looks like an orchid. Do you save them or toss them when they are finished blooming? I keep all mine but none are blooming at the moment. I have blooming snowdrops in my yard though!


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