Little Red/Yellow Truck: the Paintings

Some of them, at any rate:

Little Yellow Truck [1]. 16 x 12″,  Oil on masonite, 2010

Little Red Truck [4], 16 x 12″,  Acrylic (or was it oil and acrylic?) on masonite, 2010

Little Yellow Truck [5], about 20 x 30, oil on canvas, 2010.

I had to paint the red truck (a 1982 Datsun, before there was a Nissan), even though it is in actual living fact, yellow. In its original incarnation, it was red, and in my mind, the hue and its identity as My Little Red Truck live on. In actual fact, the current truck is yeloow, belongs to Jan, is driven mostly by Rick, and is a rusted out, ailing innards, bald-tired,  exhausted old lady.

However, while the truck was parked beside the house and Jan and Rick were in Arizona, I got to linger over it and the memories it brought back. The weather cooperated, so these are all plein air, if you can forgive the change of hue.  The last [#5] was done on Wednesday, with the studio doors wide open to the gorgeous weather.

Jan and Rick are back now, and the truck will go back to living out its life as a useful tool for Rick-the-carpenter. And I will go back to thinking of it as my Little Red Truck, having driven it all over Kansas as well as to Pennsylvania and back (my brother confirmed this trip just yesterday) and then, in Jan’s capable hands, to Portland Oregon, in 1989, where it currently lives.

We live here too. –June

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5 Responses to Little Red/Yellow Truck: the Paintings

  1. june says:

    Well, I guess they all succeeded equally (one might also just say “they were all equally ‘whatever'”) but I’ll choose “success.” I’m going back out to the studio to take a photo of my very most favorite one.


  2. Diane Elizabeth says:

    I love the last one posted — the city garbage can adds a nice touch — I’m serious!


  3. June says:

    Thanks, guys,

    The one I like best is #5, the last one. But that might be because whatever I am working on or worked on most recently is my fav. Of course, the red version is the “correct” version. The others are just simulcrums


  4. Gerrie says:

    I love the first yellow truck with it’s rusty bits.


  5. Terry Grant says:

    I love the red version. That one has such great personality, plus that simple, great composition that clearly makes it the most important part of the painting. And I always love a yellow sky! Yes, that’s my, by far, favorite.


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