Journey I: the Progress of a Painting

Here are 3 versions of what I am now calling Journey I. I showed this one at some early stage earlier this year. See if you can spot the changes, the last of which were made just this week.

Journey I (draft 5 at least), about 20 x 30, Oil and wax on board, 2010

The first version had no cold wax mixed with the oils. The second version was what was seen by my Master Class. Another, unphotographed version, was critiqued by my monthly critique group. And then Jan and I stood and mulled over what everyone had said and came to the conclusion above. I painted it, but I think the critical insight was hers.

This last is pretty much what I was aiming for, although it took a variety of eyes to get me where I wanted to go. Not a great painting, perhaps, but what I had in my head, which makes it just fine. I hope you had fun trying to see how the versions differ. — June

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