Stair Fixation: Studies

View from the Top of the Stairs, about 20 x 30, oil on canvas, about 2007

Some years ago I did some paintings and a textile piece showing a view from the top of the stairs at our house on SE Main. I grew up with stairs, played with paper dolls on the landings, sat at the top of them and listened to adult parties below, and sneaked up them trying to avoid the creaky places. We’ve lived in a lot of houses with stairs; the one we are in now has two landings and two windows, out of which we can see zen views of our gardens and lean on the window sill and watch the squirrels.

I also have become aware of the difficulty of climbing stairs when the arthritis in my hip flares up, which now is sort of a permanent flame. My passage up the stairs, which I used to think of as burning calories, just plain burns these days. So stairs are again on my mind, after a fairly long hiatus. The image of the moon, shown on the blog a couple of days ago, contains stairs, but they have no railings. But, for whatever psychic and painterly reasons, railings have reappeared.

The black and white image above is an early scene, from some years back, viewed the top of the stairs. In January, 2010, I started doing windows, and then found myself doing windows in stairwells. Here are a couple of studies, quite small. They are the beginnings of larger paintings, one finished, one in process.

Stairs, Crossways, about 5 x 7″, Oil on board, 2010.

Old Stairs, about 8 x 5″, oil on board, 2010

In my next blog (after Jer’s laconic photo appears) I’ll show you where these took me.  –June

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