What’s Up: Another Set of Stairs

What’s Up? (draft 2), 24 x 18″, oil on board, 2010

Draft 1, which happily I didn’t take a photo of, was  a visually disconnected set of stairs going in various directions and geometric shapes that were meant to evoke windows or at least external scenes. The disconnects between the elements became immediately obvious: draft 2 pulled the windows closer to the escher-esque flights, and added more fantasy. In the meantime, I had found the Dorland Cold Wax, and the texturizing began.

What’s Up?, Detail

Click on the image to see the melted wax and paint on the mountains, which were, after all, molten liquid at some point in their existence.

What’s Up? (last draft, I think), 24 x 18″, Oil & wax on board, 2010

Whatever this painting “means”, it’s quite a bit less obvious than “Journey I” which I showed on April 19. Both are in some ways autobiographical, although this one feels more universal, the human life journey as a series of upward stretches (there goes that hip again) with pauses on landings. What’s Up? indicates there are stairs not taken as well as stairs that continue off the frame. There’s more to come, both literally and, I hope, metaphorically. –June

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