Liquid Stone: in Cold Wax

Lest you imagine that in my current state, stairs have become a fixation, I thought you should see what a bit of Dorland Cold Wax can do for a fairly banal (well, make that just plain banal) landscape painting. The image above is of a painting I did with Jan at one point when we were playing around with color. I think I showed it on the blog last fall.

After I started working with Dorland Cold Wax, I went back to some old oils that were not yet ready to be thrown out but certainly not good enough to save. I often over-paint these, and I have, ahem, a number of them that might turn into something else. In this case, rather than overpainting, I used the cold wax to enhance the basic structures that already existed.

Mountains, 24 x 18″, Oil & wax on canvas, 2010

Clicking on the images will enable you to see something of the texture that wax gives. It also allows more variability in tints and shades among the ridges and spines that these mountains contain. I still have a bit of work to finish the paintings — I need to tame the sky into a much more gray scene, so it doesn’t compete with the mountains. And that will provoke the need for other kinds of changes. But it’s got far more potential now than I thought it had when I turned its face to the wall last fall. –June

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