Hip Replacement 4: Slow But Sure

I like Jer’s categorization: “heroic!”


But really,  except for a body that keeps wanting to sleep and ridiculous instructions about what not to do with the surged leg, this hip replacement feels like getting off easy.

I have no energy, so no photos today. But my camera is within reach of my exercising space, so some will appear. I even photographed the computer set-up at St. V’s which was rather classy. But even with electronic instrumentation, they still count your pulse with their fingers.

I’m up and  around with that ugly appliance, the wheeled walker, hanging onto my attendant grabber because I’m not supposed to bend more than 90 degrees forward. This means I get to throw the Sunday papers on the floor and Jer picks them up. And today after I did a bit of acrylic ink on rice paper for a token artistic stint, I managed to drip acrylic ink on the floor [well, I was on the way to the sink, with the  walker and the slop jar, and a rag and three paint brushes]. I had to call Jer down from Wikipedia to clean up the ink, figuring that that was better than tracking it with the walker wheels all round the house.

Our first floor makes a lovely exercise space, round and round, through at least three doors and various places to turn circles. And the light furniture that torments our visitors turns out to be very handy when one need to get through a tight space. The grabber is also a good pusher of wicker chairs. I made my own breakfast this morning and ate it while reading the Times at the table, but by noon, my lovely friend and companion and nurse made me a fine veggie plate and brought it to my bed. So you see, I vacillate between lassitude and energy and it feels very good to do so. Great excuse for lying about; “heroic” when I play with my paints.

More, perhaps tomorrow, if my brain and body agree that the computer will be fun. –June

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5 Responses to Hip Replacement 4: Slow But Sure

  1. june says:

    Sheila, perhaps i need to throw some paintings on the floor with the ink and drive over them. The hospital booties with the rubber soles would also make interesting patterns. I’ll send jer out to pick out some good candidates for wheel tracks. Barbara, a horn might improve the sounds I make as I wheel about the fijords of the floor space. We’ve figured out a way to attach the grabber and Jer thinks I can improve my brush handling techniques so as not to paint to oak flooring. I’m not sure a basket would help with thqt.

    Del — walker wheelies are the best — better than jigs. The walker is so ugly it hurts my vanity so the wheelies are an up-yours to the universe. I can’t do without them.

    And Reva, I’m sure you will look back on the text as a relief from the photos I might have to include one of these days

    Jer is indeed a stern keeper –says that he can weather all my temper tantrums if it prevents more trips over the Hill — Highway 26 does not appeal to him at all. so I’m being contrite and obedient and only sticking my tongue out at him when he isn’t looking.


  2. Sheila says:

    Nice to “hear” your voice again and get the update. Gee, don’t you want to spread paper or cloth on the floor to catch the dribbles of paint and ink, then make patterns as you wheel through them with your walker? You could get some footprints in there too. Making art made easy and part of multi-tasking!


  3. Barbara says:

    You sound good June. As Martha S. would say “That is a good thing.”

    Would you like a basket for your walker and a bike horn to notify the world that you are coming through? I will be happy to send both.


  4. Del Thomas says:

    Glad you are up and about – remember though, no walker ‘wheelies’! Breath deeply to discharge all the residue from the anesthetic and rest, rest, rest! I’m sure Jer will be a stern ‘keeper’ so that you won’t be bending where and when you shouldn’t. I’m sending good thoughts. Del


  5. Reva Basch says:

    So good to see from you, June!


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