Hip Replacement 9: Week 5 Update

Well, Week 5 post-hip replacement was a wash-out, at least as far as this blog is concerned as well as in my dogged walking goals. On this last day of week 5, I admit to having lost all my git-up-and go. It got up and went.

However, Week 5 did have at least one outstanding event, happening only 2 days after Week 4 was declared done: I was cleared as far as the surgeon is concerned until next year. The clearance came as a surprise. I had a swollen ankle and foot, along with bruises and a reddish area by my foot knob (apologies for the highly technical anatomical terminology), so Jer worked me into the Honda (bad leg straight, seat well back, careful, careful, ohohoh….–, OK), and we went off to Beaverton for the medical people to poke at the swelling. They not only pronounced it nothing to be concerned about, but while we were there, they took an x-ray and pronounced me good to go until next year.

Here’s my new big toy, photographed on July 8, 2010 — the doctor was so proud of his workmanship  that his assistant said he’ll use the X-ray in a presentation. I asked about royalties, but got only a sideways glance. And just for reference, this is what it looked like before:

What I find most interesting is that I have no sensation that some major pieces in my body have been replaced by metal. You’d think that somehow it would feel different, but all that I notice is that my ankles are fat.

Thus, I didn’t keep up the pace of walking, and, alas, will miss my 3-miles-by-6-weeks goal. Last Tuesday I walked to 31st Avenue, and today, the end of Week 5, I went to 32nd Avenue (39th/Caesar Chavez Ave is the 3 mile mark). So having lost the opportunity to brag to the surgeon about 3-miles-at-6-weeks (no six week check-up), I have set myself a new, slightly less ambitious routine, based on the best of training advice for the long run (which, personally and metaphorically speaking, this is intended to be):  short distance, medium distance, long distance; short distance, medium distance, long distance, no distance. Etc. etc. I think this will allow me to have more social events in my life and perhaps fewer, shorter naps.

Speaking of social events, Susan Saling showed up at our door with some goodies not too long ago. She ostensibly was trading for some of his photographs that Jer had printed up for her — a clafouti for a photo sounded great to us. But she also couldn’t resist bringing an enchilada dish that she “just happened” to have left over. This is one of Susan’s best traits — she always masks her good works in casual drop-offs.*

I did not get a photo of the clafouti — it disappeared much too quickly –custard full of fresh cherries, whipped cream, brandied cherries on the side –ummm.

And then in the mail during that cold spell that preceded the hot days of last week appeared another very welcome gift: Sheila Barnes had knitted a “Rhythm Wrap” a kind of moebius shawl, for me. It was just the thing I needed to fling on and off, depending on how cold my toes were feeling. Well, I did wrap it around my neck, particularly as I sat computing, but it seemed really wonderful when I was reading in my bed of leisure and the rest of me was comfy but my feet were freezing.

It took about 20 photos, by both Jer and Jan, for one to be acceptable to show in public — photos of me simply don’t make me look like Anne Bancroft at 40. But here’s the best of the lot, taken by Jan, not during the cold spell (Jer tried then) but yesterday, when it was about 80 degrees outside and we had been sitting, chatting, telling tales, and laughing a lot as we do when we get together:

As you can see, I couldn’t stop the grinning, even in front of the camera.  But the wrap is beautiful, particularly as Jan arranged it.

And so, I’m now more mobile, able to climb in and out of the car as well as in and out of bed. I’m on my way to my third mile of walking, I have a gorgeous wrap that lives on my computer chair, and even the clafouti didn’t make me gain weight. That may be because Jer consumed a great deal of it. –June

*Jan offered to bring us things to eat during our time of trial and sorrow, but if you have read her blog entry about cooking for  Thanksgiving, you will see that the offer came out of great daughterly love, not a love of cooking.  But if you want to have a laugh about taking food to ailing friends, I recommend Jeanne Robertson, whose YouTube on sending her husband (“Left Brain”) to get groceries so she could make a cake for an ailing friend almost made me fall off my chair laughing. I didn’t careen to the floor, thank heavens, but I did look at all the rest of the YouTubes that she has produced, and they are all very, very funny. Del Thomas recommended Robertson to me, and if Robertson ever has a show in Portland, I’m gathering up all my friends, taking a hankie to wipe my eyes, and seeing her entire routine.

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9 Responses to Hip Replacement 9: Week 5 Update

  1. Nice to hear that you are being well taken care of June! Love the wrap.


  2. June says:

    Reva, Too late. Oh, way too late. It went almost as fast as the clafouti, although, as we have our priorities, the clafouti won, by a smidgen.

    Terry, I generally dislike stand-up comedy, as it is often cruel. But Jeanne Robertson was a whole new view of it for me. Glad you knew of her already.


  3. Reva Basch says:

    I want that enchillada dish. Right now.


  4. Terry Grant says:

    The wrap is beeeeautiful! Kudos to Sheila! Discovered Jeanne Roberston awhile back and replay the one about sending her husband to the grocery store every so often just for the fun. It is such good-hearted, truly funny humor!


  5. June says:

    Oh no, Sheila, I’m going to have to call the photographers back for another shoot.


  6. Sheila says:

    Looks lovely around your neck. Now let’s see it around your toes! vbg


  7. June says:

    Life definitely is good, and Barbara, I’m still working on the “book” you sent. It’s now in the studio, waiting to be further refined. I’d put “refined” in quotes but I already used quotes in that sentence and the English teacher in me says “tsk, tsk.” Of course, you can use more than one set of quotes if you are quoting “tsk” “tsk” and of course you can leave out all necessary commas if you are commenting. And sometimes if you are writing a blog in a hurry, although sometimes the other half objects


  8. Barbara says:

    Life is good.


  9. gerrie says:

    I love Jeanne’s humor and not just because I could easily call my dh Left Brain so count me in, if she shows up here.

    The scarf is gorgeous and you look mahvelous.


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