Painting Critique Group July, 2010: 2

In the last post, I featured abstract paintings of some of the artists in the painting critique group to which I belong.

Now it’s time to show those who are working (at least in the images shown below) in a more representational style.

Jerry Dickason, 7 x 9.25, watercolor on paper

Jerry Dickason is heading off to Europe in the fall and has been experimenting with watercolor, so he can more readily travel with his painting gear. Jerry, as is obvious from the skill he shows in the above work, has excellent drafting skills. I found what he did with the background here equally impressive — the mottled wall and  the bits of studio furnishings, gently fuzzed, are in great contrast to the clarity of the focal point, the printing press. Jerry has done a number of monochromatic paintings in the past, always successfully. Here he also seems to have added pencilings to emphasize the line, very appropriate for a piece of machinery.

Catherine Taylor, Oil on gator board, 16 x 20″

Catherine brought two landscapes and two abstract pieces with her to the critique, and I was torn about which ones to show. I found the abstract pieces haunting, but this field of wheat is too delicious to pass up. Catherine spent some time in Colorado, visiting a fellow artist, and this was the scene that she stared at most while she visited. She said she did the final painting in the studio rather than on-site, but it has the feel of plein air. We were all particularly fond of the barns, partly hidden behind the golden hill. The purple hills are rather more purple/lavender in the painting itself than they appear on my computer screen, and the complementary colors, interrupted by the mid-ground scene, pushes my eyes around unexpectedly.

Susan Monti, 28 x 18″, Oil on canvas

Susan startled us by bringing in a plein air landscape, two stylized landscapes that verged on abstraction, a fine abstract piece, and three figurative pieces that she had done in the last two days. She had just begun a week-long workshop featuring dressed models; this piece was one of two she did the first day of the class; it feels to me masterful in its handling and delightful in its playfulness. I have to say that the repetition of the shapes of the breasts and the tea cup made me chuckle, and the bit of red of the bottom of the foot stool, echoing darkly the red of the hair, also caught my eye. The light on the figure and the sun behind are also beautifully captured. There’s a lot going on here that deserves attention.

One of our members, Emery Hinkley, and a new member, Hal McCartor, were not at this meeting, but with any luck, Emery won’t be babysitting next month, and I’ll have the work of some new folks as well as new work from these artists to show. And with a bit of a fierce crossing of fingers, I hope I’ll have something of my own to show as well. –June

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One Response to Painting Critique Group July, 2010: 2

  1. Reva Basch says:

    Ooh, interesting work (in Part I as well). I like that golden wheatfield a lot.


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