St. Johns Bridge: Reprise 2

The Meet, Eat, and Crit Group, as I mentioned in my last post, made a number of suggestions for changes to the panorama. That was after they were altogether flattering, of course, so I couldn’t kvetch too loudly.

Each of their changes spoke to something I had had trouble with, although the big petroleum tank of the last blog wasn’t as bothersome as other places.

Today’s entry, however, was one of those beastly places that when “The Light” is turned on (ie, someone says, “why don’t you…), you wonder why you hadn’t taken care of the problem much earlier. This particular change was mostly to Panel 5, but also picks up Panel 6.

Here’s the old version of Panel 5 — look at the upper part of the panel:

See how the line of the hills follows the line of the upper bridge cable? I didn’t like it but sort of forgot about it while dealing with the rest of the panorama. I think it was Ray who said, “Another little suggestion, June, about that line of hills….”

Well, I instantly saw what was needed:

I dropped the hills below the cable, and then in the next panel over, took them up a bit higher. It allowed the cables to soar a bit, and cleared out the visual conflict between the two elements.

Here’s the latest version of panels 5, 6, 7, and 8, with the amended cable/hillside:

The oils have to dry a bit before I can put on the last touches, but the basic outline is now in place.

These 4 panels also show the other big change I made. See if you can spot it. Next time — the final revelation. Well, final until other changes come along. –June

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2 Responses to St. Johns Bridge: Reprise 2

  1. June says:

    I didn’t just change it — by now, you probably have seen that I enlarged it (ie I deleted the less than interesting foliage that hid part of it.) Doing that makes the river more emphatic, which is in keeping with the subject matter of the piece. You guessed beautifully and win, well, you win!


  2. acarolegrant says:

    You changed the water…


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