St. Johns Bridge: Reprise 3, the last (we can only hope)

I made a number of small changes to the panels at the suggestion of the critique group, but one big one, the last I want to talk about, was on the panels that the last post exhibited.

The easiest way to spot it is to show Panels 5, 6, 7, and 8 as they were before changes were made.

And below is the latest version:

The whole foreground of foliage has been deleted. And the buildings on the far shore have been tampered with, giving them more close-up interest as well as muting them a bit.

The foreground was one of those “called in” bits of  painting. The actual scene has foliage there, but it is not interesting. The foliage on the left is larger, particularly as it pulls in closer with the panorama moving around into its 110 degree span. And the water is an important part of the subject matter. So, again I think it was Ray who wondered “what would happen if….”  And I immediately saw the logic of his imaginings.

The river isn’t painted quite as it will ultimately look, because I had to white out the foliage and that made the oils too dense to work with in any very concerted way. But it’s coming along.

Here’s the full panorama, as it now looks:

St. Johns Bridge from Cathedral Park, 8 panels. each 12 x 24″, total 24 x 96″, oil on board, 2010

I’m quite pleased with the crossing diagonals of the whole, which the changes  I made enhanced. I’m tweaking the light a bit more to make it somewhat more dramatic on the hills and the largish tree in panel 3 on the right. I want to echo the bridge arches on the left. But these are really tweaks, easy to accomplish.

So thanks, pals of mine, who brought their minds and eyes to bear on this effort. So ends the saga of this panorama. Or so I hope. –June

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3 Responses to St. Johns Bridge: Reprise 3, the last (we can only hope)

  1. June says:

    Thanks, Cynthia and Sheila,

    Sheila, I too like the bridge shadow and hope to keep it. Dealing with the variations in shades and colors of the river is an exercise in juggling:-) i hope I don’t lose the ball.

    But now I’m entering desert country and may never figure out any further changes Moving on….


  2. I really like how this has turned out, June. The suggestions really did make it a stronger piece. You’re lucky to have such great crit groups.


  3. Sheila says:

    I know you are going to work the water some more, but I wanted to say that I really like how the shadow of the bridge stands out now. Before, I didn’t notice it, the dark area just reading as any river would read, some parts darker than others and not because of a structure’s shadow. I hope you can retain that definition – I think it is part and parcel of your working with the light.

    I’m liking the other tweaks – not dubious at all…;-)


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