Pioche, Nevada, non-partisan and delightful

We had a second breakfast at Pioche, Nevada, where we also bought a surprise treat for near and dears. And of course, took photos.

Here’s my favorite pair. These showed up in front of a store, one on either side of the door:

You are allowed to guess which bench was on which side of the door.

Pioche, being in Nevada, also had to have a “casino.” This one made me laugh out loud. I found myself thinking about the banking crisis in the US and thought that the gambling associations quite appropriate.

And then there are the odd buildings that appear in the little charming towns, buildings the nature of which are a bit bemusing. Who would have thought to put balconies on this critter, that sits beside the much smaller fire house?


PS: we now have access to a pretty good internet system, so the Residency Blog is up-to-date, at http://www.juneunderwoodpaintings.wordpress.com

Please come on by and feel free to comment.

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3 Responses to Pioche, Nevada, non-partisan and delightful

  1. Del says:

    The two political benches look like old buggy seats.
    I love the old building with the scruffy white paint and the balconies. Keep enjoying everything and sharing it with your ‘fans’.


  2. June – I’m not sure if it’s true on this blog as well, but I just went to your residency blog and quite accidentally discovered that your photos are very easily “shared”. Did you know that? A cursor over the photo and it sort of pops out with a very obvious share button.
    I do like both of your blogs and will go back an read that one again.


    • juneu says:

      Thanks, Marni,

      I can’t find a way to stop the “share” process. Maybe when I’m less brain-dead. Thanks for the heads-up and I’m glad you are reading some of what spills out of my brain. It’s great to have companions.

      Cheers, June


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