Cedar Breaks

I am posting this from Holbrook, Arizona, some ways from Cedar Breaks, Utah, where I took the photos shown below. By the time these appear, I should have a sense of the Petrified Forest, photos of the area, and even maybe a painting or two to show. But I can’t resist these photos, the first from that incredible area of Utah, Arizona, and Colorado, where the rocks make cathedral sculptures, and every turned corner brings a new gasp.

Part of the charm of Cedar Breaks was that there were few tourists, and we even got into a prolonged conversation with one couple who had attended Penn State and lived in Pahrump, Nevada, just down the road from Beattie, where we were last year. Also the visitors’ center was a Civilian Conservation Corps building from the 1930’s. There, the ranger chatted me up at length about other parks we should visit and what the geology of the area involved. I was totally charmed.

Above is the visitor’s center — imagine, a national park with a modest place to look out at the view!

On the way down the mountain, we realized that we were at the cusp of the equinox and autumn was indeed on its way.


PS: We now have pretty good internet connections at the Petrified Forest and so the Residency Blog, with photos of mjy paintings, day by day, flinkle by wart, can be seen at www.juneunderwoodpaintings.wordpress.com Come on by and feel free to comment.

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