Crit Group and some flowers

Last night was my painting crit group; I came home feeling like I’d been run over by a truck, both because I find good critiques very difficult to do (it exhausts me to think so hard about other people’s work), and because I perhaps tried too hard to explain what I was trying for in my own paintings. This group is so good that I feel outclassed by their work. And so kind, I feel like they should be more critical. And I suspect I puzzle them by a) a certain timidity they feel in my painting and b) a certain bewilderment by my explanations of why I paint as I do. My paintings, as you, my faithful readers know, look fairly conventional. But I have larger ambitions — I just need to figure out how to paint them.

As if this were a new and startling thought for an artist <snort>

So here are some of my fellow artists, examining a painting by Helen Kroger:

David Trowbridge, Susan Monti, and Jane Erskine, examining the surface of Helen Kroger’s painting (a surface well worth close examination).

Helen Kroger, 24 x 24″, Oil on board, 2010.

“Oil on board” does not begin to explain the processes Helen uses, but to know about them, you’ll have to attend her yearly exhibition in 2011.

I haven’t processed any of the other images of the crit group’s paintings yet, so I’m finishing with one of those sights of the season that always give me a warm glow — flowers inside, wet leaves being charming, outside:

This is the view from our dining room table, where we spend a lot of time. And no, I’m not going to paint it — Ma Nature does it so much better. –June

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4 Responses to Crit Group and some flowers

  1. june says:

    Thanks Jan and Carole,

    Jan, I love Emily Carr’s work and writings. I haven’t read The Forest Lover yet, but have read her own biographical writings and have some gorgeous coffee table books of her work. She’s one of my heros; I have had dreams about setting up a “caravan” (camper) in some wilderness (probably desert rather than forest) and spending a summer. I won’t ever do it, but day dreaming about it feels good.

    Thanks, both, for checking in.


  2. acarolegrant says:

    Evocative…. and I love that cobalt blue…. my accent color…


  3. JanB says:

    P.S. I love that blue table with the flowers and objects on it.


  4. JanB says:

    Hi June, I am reading a book titled Forest Lover that is about the painter Emily Carr. I keep thinking of you while I read it. She is describing exactly your thoughts regarding larger ambitions and needing to figure it out how to achieve those ambitions. Keep it up!


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