The Last Colors of Autumn

The temps are sinking, sinking, sinking, but we still have some color hanging on. And some promises that spring is waiting in the wings, even if it’s shivering while it does so.

These begonias are defying all predictions of winter; they continue to bloom right up to today.

This camellia bud is early — normally we see them in January. So the overlaps of fall and spring are here.

And our Japanese maple continues to be gloriously red.

I couldn’t help but photograph the maple in two other configurations — it’s the art-thinking that caught me. Here’s the overall  maple — somewhat kin to the Painted Desert that I’ve been struggling with: no focus, but oh my….

And then there are the complementary colors that show up — same maple, a bit further back:

With complementaries, your eye doesn’t quite know where to rest — too many foci, as it were. Such is autumn, at the moment, in Portland. Next week comes snow and freeze.

By the way, I was interviewed by Celeste Bergin, who is part of the Portland Plein Air and Studio Painting group that I hang with sometimes.

You can see the interview, some photos of my paintings, and me myself (or rather my stand-in, as I look a great deal thinner and at least 40 years  younger in real life) at the PPASP website: –June

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2 Responses to The Last Colors of Autumn

  1. june says:

    Thanks, Carla. We have three of them — one has lost all its leaves and the other two are just blazing away as they have been for weeks. And the begonia seems to have survived last night’s freeze. Go figure—-.


  2. Carla says:

    I am just loving that Japanese Maple.


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