And After the Rain

Came the snow.

OK, OK, I admit it. We Portlanders are wimps. We don’t believe in cold. If we get snow, it’s supposed to melt by  10 AM. The function of snow in Portland is to remind us gently that we live in a gentle climate. We don’t use umbrellas; we don’t wear gloves. We wander around in December in windbreakers.

So what’s this with that lovely begonia that looked like this on Sunday:

And this on Tuesday?

Just in case you hadn’t heard, it was 22 degrees when I got up Tuesday morning, and the temperature rose — to 24 degrees — before it started falling again. I had to take a nap, just to conserve heat. Alas, we are told the season will be colder and wetter this year — and by wet, it appears they mean the solid kind.

Thus, I was forced to stay inside today and rearrange my thread collection in preparation to prepare the make samples which might prepare me to do something like art. The red-related threads are now rearranged.

And now, looking at the threads, I see they barely have begun to gain coherence. Much more rearranging will be necessary before I can begin to begin. It is the season for procrastination.–June

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