The Day After

It’s Friday, the day after T-day. We made an early pilgrimage to Corvallis to spend the night with Bruce and Jane and meet the new member of their household. As it turns out, this new member immediately made us feel at home:

How can you resist an 8-month old Corgi who not only loves having his photo taken (and looks good in it) but also lies down on your feet, just to keep them warm.  Bento stole our hearts immediately, as he did his people’s:

As we understand it, Julia (the other family member)  is coming home at Christmas, although she swore she would never again fly during the holidays after last year’s debacle. I think some photos of Bento must have flown to NYC, and she can’t resist.

Another, less cuddly, event occurred with the U-woods — we entered the 21st century. Friday AM, the Sunlight (??) delivery guys came by with our humongous new appliance, a big screen HDTV with wireless streaming capacity. It sits right where I can see it from my computer. We’ll also be able to view it from the kitchen, if we turn it a bit, and can also aim it into the textile studio so I can perhaps stitch and watch.

For now, I’m merely boggled by the view from the computer. For years I haven’t been able to read the info below the sports that are playing unless I got a foot from our TV and squinched up my eyes. Now, I can read everything — and I lit on some channel or other with Angela Davis and Toni Morrison discussing “Freedom.”  This is dangerous — good viewing, good ideas. I may even get somewhat more conversant with current culture.

But it doesn’t warm up my feet. –June

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4 Responses to The Day After

  1. june says:

    Terry, I perhaps misspoke myself, trying to be a smart aleck. I can’t imagine who you were referring to as your “smart and discerning” friend, unless it was the thousands of them that you have that aren’t me.

    That isn’t very clever either. Anyway, I liked your “ha” and will admit that we’ve been totally seduced. Feeling a bit embarrassed by it, but seduced.


  2. June says:

    Terry, You have a smart and discerning friend who watches TV (besides Reva and that bunch, I mean)?

    We felt really really with it when we were able to get it set up. But no new wisdom in our brains seems to have appeared yet nor distinguished discernment, neither!

    Del, you just come on up to Oregon and I’ll have my friends set you up.

    Actually one big advantage (in my eyes) is that they got the Corgi after it had gone through the puppy stage (he had some kind of minor defect that kept him from being a breeding dog, a defect that wasn’t discovered until he was “older”)

    Now I have nothing against puppy stages, so long as I’m not the one cleaning up after and getting up to the whining and teaching not to bark and jump up and so forth. But when one visits friends with puppies, the puppies don’t charm me so much as they alarm (and sometimes repel) me. This one was 7 months old and pretty well trained (he still eats everything he finds in the wastebasket, much to our chagrin), so I could love him without reservation. And my feet were really cold. And our friends are so much happier now (their other Corgi died suddenly some months ago and Bruce had sort of stopped laughing for a while. Bento has restored him to himself.


  3. Terry Grant says:

    Well, if you start watching TV I won’t feel so bad about the watching I do. I can say “my very smart and discerning friend watches this, so it can’t be THAT bad!” Ha!


  4. Del says:

    Maybe Bento has a foot warming sister or brother?


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