Photos from the Colorado Plateau

I’m updating my website. This not only means I have to bite my tongue to stop its whining, but also I have no time to paint or do any other art. Moreover, Portland is in its dreary stage of winter (which could go on for a long time) so no new photo ops seem to be happening.

Thus, I can troll through my photos from our October stay in Monument Valley and show some of my favorites. Happy viewing.

This kind of rock was just up the road from where we stayed, at Gouldings, in Monument Valley. Wind and water scours these red sandstones into the most delicious shapes and waves.

Petroglyphs are everywhere in this region. The “desert varnish” (the dark, flat surface of the rocks) made perfect bulletin boards for local artists and message deliverers. This is a bit of artistry that we saw on our tour with the Navajo guide.

The back country was inaccessible to our Honda, and the real back country is off-limits even to those in high-wheeled vehicles. For good reason. Our guide drove us through a number of ponds and lakes in clay country that could have swallowed an ordinary vehicle. We were in a long-bed “truck” with open-air seats and high wheels, and a very competent driver/guide.

Not only was he a good driver, but he also had a wonderful flute. The flute is huge as these Native American style flutes go; the one I bought is about 2/3 that size. He played under one of the huge overhangs so the sound echoed throughout the space. A shivery moment. –June

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