Cracked Ice from the Textile Archives

I was reading Terry Grant’s comments on synchronicity on her blog “And Sew It Goes,”  and she showed a piece she called Cracked Ice which she found similar to Gerrie Congdon’s Fissure.

This reminded me of a piece I did in 1996 for a Japanese Garden exhibit. I was enthralled with Japanese shapes and forms at the time (I think of this as my Japonism period) as well as continually stunned by Portland’s winter flowers. . The work was called Winter Blooms and, although this is hardly synchronicity (nor derivation, either) for Gerrie or Terry, I had to find and show this old piece.

My notes say this is Winter Blooms: Plum Blossom, Cracked Ice, Blue Sky, about 42″ x 50″,  1996, cotton and silk, hand embroidered (I can’t remember doing that!!) and machine stitched, and that I gave it to Jan. It was hanging in her living room last time I saw it.

Here’s a detail (at much too low a resolution for comfort) from the center of the righthand piece:

The lines are cording, couched by machine.

Here’s Terry’s Cracked Ice:

Great minds <snort> think alike!

I remember showing my grouping of three at the Japanese Garden where a honey-mooning couple loved the work, but couldn’t afford the fairly modest price I put on it. They couldn’t buy it;  now I think I should have given it to them. But it’s good that daughter Jan has it, too. And fun that Terry provoked a memory for me, something I hadn’t thought about for years.

Thanks, Terry –June

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