Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I feel like I’ve returned to quilt designing work. I’m playing with the placement of the central panels of Petrified Forest Set. These paintings are (presumably) finished; the ones around the edges (10 more panels of varying sizes) are still in process. But here’s the set of 6 middle panels.

Middle panels, Version 1


Middle Panels, Version 2


Middle Panels, Version 3

Like I said, quilt blocks. My immediate concern was for the flow and movement of the eye from one panel to the other. There are other concerns that were or could be addressed, but for me, the most immediate one was getting the eye around these center images. Of course, the placement of these panels, if only for movement, could be changed when the other panels are in place.

The other ten panels may be easier to place,  because their sizes determine to some extent, where they can be put. Some are 12 x 24; others 12 x 16. These middle panels are all 12 x 12″.

And finally, it’s clear to me now that the full 16 panels make too tall a “rectangle” to be properly seen. So they ultimately may be broken into 2 or 3 sets.

It’s been an interesting exercise. –June

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3 Responses to Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

  1. Sherry Riley says:

    I enjoyed your website and CONGRATULATIONS/HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JUNE & JER!! Very sincerely, Sherry Riley
    I wish I had known you were in town to see you both. :o)


  2. Ann & Joyce says:

    Not that you asked, but here I favor version 2. I love being able to see your art online. Thank you for continuing to chronicle the process! Ann


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