The Sylvia Beach Hotel at Nye Beach at Newport (Oregon)

During the three days of sunshine Oregon had in late January, Jer and I scuttled off to the Oregon coast. We didn’t actually know it would be sunny, but the sun not only came out but it was astonishingly warm.

The trip along the coast was beautiful, as usual. Both the composition and the japonisme of this bay scene outside of Lincoln City caught my eye:

The japonisme is less apparent in the photo than the condos on the beach, alas. But the composition still pleases.

We stayed at the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Nye Beach (which is really just an adjunct to Newport but has its own restaurants and shops as well as the Newport Performing Arts Center). The Sylvia Beach is old — built in 1912 — and has the charm of an old beach hotel. The drawbacks, too, of course.

The Sylvia’s greatest charm, outside of the staff, is the library (the public lounge area), where everyone gathers to play games or read the books from the attic bookshelves (which includes a writing table of course) or books found in the rooms themselves, which are named and decorated after authors.

The Sylvia Beach Hotel, the great green Beach escape, photographed from the sand below.

The Library is on the third  (uppermost) floor, where it overlooks the Pacific. It’s clearly meant as a welcoming place for guests to sink in to.

This is Dickens, asleep in the Shakespeare room. Guests are encouraged to check out different rooms if they are unoccupied and the doors are open. The reputedly irascible cat clearly loved the Shakespeare Room. I  favored the Jane Austin room for its austerity, myself. We were placed in the Melville Room, which was just fine, and then had to move to the Tennessee Williams Room, which had curtains draped over the bed in a cone-ish sort of shape (think southern-nostalgia). We had to make adjustments to them, not being the curtained-bed sort.

The balcony off the Library of the Sylvia Beach made for great photos of the sunset, all of which look like great photos of sunsets you have seen. However, while doing my beach walks, I also photographed the ocean itself, and, while these also look like ocean photos you have seen, I was fond of the differing colors of the two below — one bronze, the other blue.

I did my first ocean paintings on that 60-degree day in January — four of them, two of which actually might make it to the blog one of these days. I wouldn’t mind returning and trying again, although the warm days probably have fled, at least for the next five months or so.  But the Library, if not heavily occupied, would be a fine place to do a little painting — lots of scenery — sunsets, waves, people, dogs, sand. One of these days…. -June

A Postscript: The Poe Room is about to be redecorated;  as proprietor Goodie Cable said at breakfast one morning, “Everyone loves it but no one wants to sleep there.”

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3 Responses to The Sylvia Beach Hotel at Nye Beach at Newport (Oregon)

  1. I haven’t had a chance to look at the website for the hotel until this afternoon. Enchanting! Definitely our kind of place.

    I think I’d brave the Poe Room. I’ve always had a fondness for him. And I don’t believe in ghosts or other things that go bump in the night. (Anyway, I don’t believe in them… *yet*!)


  2. june says:

    Janet, you are definitely a brave twosome. Goodie didn’t seem to have a new author in mind; I think she also like the idea of the Poe room.

    A whole weekend in that room might have been foolhardy. I hope the weather was good and/or you spent all your waking hours in the Library:-)

    On the other hand, you can say now that you did it. Bragging rights are very good.


  3. janetl says:

    Ron & I spent a weekend in the Poe room once. It was depressing.


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