Portland Spring: Signs, Symbols, Signifiers

I always wanted to use “signifiers” in a title.

Howsomever, the camellia are blooming and falling:

The daffs have their annual collars, signifying that the gardener hasn’t gotten to the southwest corner yet but the daffodils don’t care:

Up the street, in a south-facing rock garden:

And just around the corner, spread throughout the parking of a very long city lot:

I had to run back and get my camera to photograph these. And of course, then I found more for another day, another blog post.

Spring, glorious Portland spring in the rain,  is appearing –June

A bit of arcane data: I’m reading a Very Academic Tome, The Machine in the Studio, which uses “mediated,” “privileging” and, yes, “signifiers.”  Oh, it’s so last century!

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5 Responses to Portland Spring: Signs, Symbols, Signifiers

  1. June says:

    Lia! Crocuses! in Golden Colorado which must be at about 8000 feet. That would be a thrill. I remember getting forsythia, carefully boxed up, not yet blooming but ready to, when we lived in Laramie. Laramie is at 7600 feet or so and nothing bloomed so far as I could tell until June 1. So the box of forsythia, just ready to put into water, was miraculous.

    And I am glad you are glad to note “signifier.” I did my graduate work while formalism was still the rage, so I never got to use signifier in a single article or paper I wrote about English lit. I couldn’t even figure out what it meant (still might not quite know). However, I did get to use it, at last.


    • Lia says:

      hi June (belatedly…)! We have forsythia on our new dining room table, buds a-popping! Very spring-like. Alas, I thought Golden was at least 6,000 feet above sea level, but I learned just the other day that we are only about 5.700 feet. Much lower than Laramie… Saussure’s ideas are quite interesting, but in the tortured way much philosophy seems to be. It is fun to be able to play with the terminology, though. I think that is why it was invented! Viva la differance! (a la Derrida!) 🙂


  2. Lia says:

    June, I am very happy for you, to have been able to use “signifier” in a title. I hope that you have gotten it out of your system now.

    By the way, some intrepid little crocuses have been popping out of the ground here in Golden. The snow just started melting about two days ago and all I can figure is that they were waiting underneath, ready to spring out the very second they could. And of course, we will get more snow, so it’s kind of pointlessly enthusiastic of them. Of course, we have a lot more SUN here than you folks get in Portland. 😉


  3. June says:

    Oh, Cynthia, you are such a kill-joy, And oh so correct –snort–


  4. Well, it’s about the last century, after all. 😉


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