Full Circle Gallery: Opening Friday 6–9

Full Circle Gallery

Invites You to Our Opening Event

Friday, March 4, 6 –9 PM


Jim Orman Masks & Woodworks

Elaine Treadwell Vessels, Sculptures

June Underwood Wired Textiles

Vicky York Kelp Sea Sculptures


Warehouse 640

640 SE Stark St.


Warehouse 640 is a new Arts Center for visual, written and Performing arts.


June O. Underwood   Passages: April (detail).  50 x 30″    Silk and wire, machine stitched  $450

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3 Responses to Full Circle Gallery: Opening Friday 6–9

  1. june says:

    Clearly, Sheila, the weather has kept you inside too long. All those googling and bits of info that now your brain will have to sture — battlefield vests, indeed.

    And if you have a better idea for a catchy title, let me know. This one caught you, right? I probably did do these on too much caffeine — the only way to deal with the stabs and blood that working with wire creates. I could have used gloves, of course, but it’s more fun to whine.


    • Sheila says:

      Yes, I don’t need much to get my warped view of life going. Don’t change a thing – I actually thought Wired Textiles was excellent, especially in this context with the other types of art. I think it would pique many folks’ interest. It certainly does mine. The googling was to see if anyone else was using that term for their textile art, and although google isn’t all inclusive, it looks like you may have coined a category. I say bravo, and did any of that blood work its way into your art? It would make a dandy addition to your artist statement.

      And it’s the quilts themselves I envision quivering from too much caffeine, not the maker. Straining to jump off the wall, doing a jig.

      And this, even after taking a long walk today…it’s more than a long winter causing these wacky thoughts. vbg


  2. Sheila says:

    “Wired Textiles”, now THAT’S a new one on me. Makes me think your quilts have had too much caffeine… sorry sorry, I couldn’t resist! I also couldn’t resist googling it. I came up with jackets with actual wires so they are heated (a little like an electric blanket but finer wiring and powered by lithium batteries – http://tinyurl.com/ybtxd34) and “Army Explores Wired Textiles”, as in battlefield vests wired up with fiber optics, antennae and fiber keyboard – http://tinyurl.com/4znmtum. And of course, you. 😉


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