Gallery Opening

I have been most remiss about posting, because most thoroughly  involved in art events.

The opening reception (Friday, March 4) of the exhibit at the Full Circle Gallery, in Warehouse 640, was quite good. It was pouring rain, the space is new and unknown, and we still had a pretty good turn-out. There were four of us exhibiting:

Vicki York does kelp sculptures from the sea forms she collects at the coast. Here she is, sandwiched between one of her wall sculptures and part of one of my wired textiles, “Transitions: Complex.”

The photo above is the only one I took that is reasonably presentable. The next four in this post are from Vicki — much more in focus and much more attentive to the art itself.

Elaine Treadwell does wall art, but also vessels and baskets from natural materials. This  piece is stunning. Elaine acted as curator for the show this month. Her experience was invaluable.

Elaine and Jim Orman are proprietors of Full Circle; Jim is a woodworker who makes furniture, and is branching out into masks and puppets. I thought Vicki got a particularly good photo of this piece of Jim’s.

I showed some serious wire textiles, but also some very silly wired faces (also stitched, and textilish, of course):

This is one of the faces, “Ms. Prunella,” I believe.

And here’s the wall of faces, each having her own personality. I don’t think they were based on me, but then, as Fritz Perls says about dreams, everything that emerges in dreams (as in art) is part of your own psyche. ‘Nuff said about all that, thank you….


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4 Responses to Gallery Opening

  1. Jan B says:

    It looks like a very diverse show, many facets of art work in your photos. Your wire faces remind me of some of your earlier wall quilt pieces. Nice work, wish I could attend.


  2. Sheila says:

    This is a different side of you than I’m used to seeing, June! But not totally out of character – didn’t know you did sculptural faces. These are great and I bet were welcome to those coming in out of the rain.


  3. June says:

    Cynthia, I’ll be interested, also. I know these people pretty well, so I trust them. As for whether it can be an on-going process — well, that remains to be seen. Jim and Elaine are both younger than I am and tolerant of my various frailities and eccentricities. They like my work, so I guess that helps. But whether the gallery can maintain a life beyond the first six months (that’s already taken care of) I can’t predict. But Opening Night was better than we had any right to expect.


  4. Thanks for the update. Quite a variety of work!

    I’ll be interested in hearing how this non-traditional gallery arrangement works out for you.


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