The Pollocked Floor, Redux

Remember the Pollocking of the studio floor, done in hopes of making it respectable for the Art Walk?

This is what it looked like when I thought I had finished with it.  A bit messy, but maybe livable?

And then, when I saw it in context:

Oh, ‘orrors. NOOOOOO. I couldn’t take that. Even I couldn’t tolerate that.

But neighbor Jim (same one as Proprietor-of-Full-Circle-Gallery-Jim) popped in to loan me his long-handled paint roller so I could get rid of the screaming mess, and suggested that instead of rolling, I should spray it. Well, after a moment (a very brief moment) of thought, I trotted off to Hankin’s Hardware, bought a spray bottle, and using the original gray of the base of the, ahem, pollocking-mess, tamed it.

Ahhhh, much better.

It fulfils a couple of prime requirements. One is that I don’t have to worry about spills and stains and messes, which is essential given that I am a spiller, stainer, and maker of messes. And the second is that none of the dirt carried in from the rainy Portland territory will show up quite so forcefully as it did on the modest gray floor. The dirt will still be there, but will mingle with the tamed pollock-floorscape, forming (I hope) something I can live with for more than 6 months before it requires further painting. Thus far, it’s holding its own. –June

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3 Responses to The Pollocked Floor, Redux

  1. Sheila says:

    And just when I hit the part in “our” book about Pollock and am gaining an understanding of his work and how it developed… 😉

    I just knew your version was going to be too distracting. This looks like a good compromise.


  2. Kathy Hodge says:

    A grey lightly pollocked floor is the best. That’s what I have in my studio. I got a good head start with some oil stains from the previous tenants (cars), and it’s really nice not to sweat it if I spill. Since it’s concrete I figure spills will wear off eventually!

    Interesting piece on the easel too, post it when you finish!

    (procrastinating my Pet.Forest app by reading art blogs!)


  3. Jan B says:

    I admit that in your last post I was trying to get a look at your floors, heheh. All that beautiful art work and I was trying to see the dang floor.


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