First Friday, etc.

It’s First Friday here in SE Portland, and I delivered a carload of painted textile landscapes to Full Circle Gallery, located inside Warehouse 640 at 640 SE Stark Street. I’m affiliated with the gallery and this month am filling in wall spaces around featured artist Dawn Tappen (I will be featured artist next month with PDX Wacky-scapes — plein air landscapes). The First Friday reception this month is 6–9, Friday, April 1, 2011.

Here’s one of my pieces in the Full Circle Gallery this month:

JOU,  Desert Fog, 14.5 x 20″, Hand-painted lutradur, machine stitched, $220

I also have some oil paintings up at the US Bank near Lloyd Center (1600 Weidler). The St Johns Bridge Panorama has 7 of its 8 panels there, as well as the newer piece, January Skies.  It’s a trifle of an exhibit, but was fun to hang. And the bank staff is quite friendly.

JOU, St. Johns Bridge Panorama, panels 3 &4 of 8, 24 x 24″, Oil on masonite.

It was a bit hectic getting everything ready, particularly as I am also the go-to computer person at Full Circle. And since I also started auditing a Portland Community College class in Renaissance and Baroque Art History, taught by a wonderful Michelle La Pointe, on Tuesday and Thursdays, I was booked to the max. Everything fell together beautifully, however, and tomorrow I can check out the Troy Laundry Open Studios on SE 11th Ave before trotting down to Stark Street for the Full Circle reception.

Tonight, I’m simply feeling mellow. And enjoying looking at Jer’s photos on southeastmain. He’s a grand photographer and in trying to organize his photos, has come across some gems that I don’t remember seeing before. –June

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2 Responses to First Friday, etc.

  1. June says:

    Del, you are quite right. The underlying photo is of a piece that I wasn’t sure was in the exhibit (couldn’t remember), so I changed the photo that appears on the main page. For whatever reason, WordPress has a link to the other. I think I’ll leave it up, because I’m rather fond of the unseen one.

    I’m trying to learn how to use the feature that enlarges the photos. I have ordinarily been lazy — just putting up the photo sized to most browsers and letting it go. But you have reminded me a couple of times that it’s fun to have larger photos show when you click on them. So I’m trying to suss that out without thinking too hard.

    That might be the problem — thinking. My internet work has come down to pushing a lot of buttons without thinking, hoping that something good will come of it. Well, in this case, I don’t mind what “came” of it — the better image shows if you know the magic word. In fact, it might be fun to exploit that feature, so people could click on the image and another would show up, like a hidden benefit:-)

    Thanks for letting me know about this new mystery in my life. Just what I needed — something new computer-wise to think about.


  2. DEL says:

    I don’t know how this can be, but when I click on the picture I get a different picture! Both are lovely… just different from each other.


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