Filling the Eyes: Eastern Oregon

Back from the watercolor workshop, my brain and eyes are still filled with the land. It was mostly cold and windy and stormy, but unlike Portland, that weather only adds to the charm. (Well, it helps that I was inside a lot of the time — and had taken my winter storm coats with me)

The humans are given an appropriate place in this landscape — ie, small and humble.

The old single windmills still exist, still working, on some of the ranches. And utility lines carry essential messages as well as electricity. Cell phones don’t do so well, and the internet doesn’t seem to exist at all.

At one of the ranches where we sketched, a downed windmill laid itself against a fence, resting perhaps from all that weather. Even in such a close-up, the sky and land make themselves felt.

On Friday, the weather cleared a bit and we painted outside. We stayed in a great house, and outside, beyond a more contemporary and perhaps useful metal structure, the wooden barn sat looking grand and mellow. It was a fun contrast, although, as we were told,  watercolor judges view barn paintings with a certain disdain.

However, this barn charmed me. The sun also helped, as did that nice blue sky. –June

And no, I did no paintings I’m going to share. In point of fact, they’ve been recycled. I brought them home, just in case time might improve them, but nope, not even time could help. Luckily, our recycling bin held them all quite well.

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3 Responses to Filling the Eyes: Eastern Oregon

  1. june says:

    Thanks, Linda and Carla. All that space is definitely magic to me.


  2. Carla says:

    Beautiful easter Oregon!


  3. Your photos are beautiful and wonderful reference material for the future.


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