With a little (um, a lotta) help from the grandchild, I am decluttering.

First item to disappear was my old Schwinn bicycle. Well, it hasn’t actually disappeared, but it has been promised to Vicky who is in Europe at the moment, using a borrowed bike that’s even less streamlined and up-to-date than the Schwinn. I sent her a photo of the Schwinn, which she showed to her son. He heartily approved of it — oldie but goodie, he said  — so she is eager to take it away when she gets home:

A nice thing about Vicky taking the bike is that she will also take the basket, helmet, bike pack, and tire pump. Boy, does getting rid of — um, giving away — those items get rid of a lot of clutter.

Then I am also starting to reduce my stash of art equipment. I sold some hand-dyed silk to Kim the other day (didn’t make a dent in the pile), and I also sold my honking large-format printer. Sam helped me get it in good running order (I can’t give away or sell things that don’t work — that seems like bad karma), and he put it up on Craigslist. In return, he got to keep the proceeds from the sale. Win-win, all around.

The printer was an Epson 7600 and printed 24″ wide and very very long — the longest I think I ever did was about 60″. It was a good sturdy piece of equipment, but I hadn’t used it in a year (hence the need for serious maintenance) and there are now good online  services that print custom fabric if I need some. The truth is that I will probably paint anything I think I want to make fabric art with, and beyond that, painting on masonite and canvas is all that I seem to be managing these days. So the printer went away, freeing up a large space and taking away a large guilt. I don’t like having equipment that I don’t use — it feels like more bad karma.

I was especially pleased that the ancient Pentium IV computer and Dell monitor, which I used only with the printer, also went away, to the same home. The guy who bought the printer brought his 14-ish-year-old son with him, and when I offered the computer and monitor to him for free, the father asked the kid if he wanted it. The 14-year-old, very shy, nodded yes, and I am having fun imagining that he is finally going to get his own computer.

That was the best feeling good deed I have done in a long time. Oh, and they also took away the bright covers. Actually, the covers are roughly quilted, with a much more subdued and manly pattern on the back, so they weren’t too embarrassed when they left. The printer looked tiny in the buyer’s oversized Dodge truck. I guess size, as in “honkin’ big printer” is relative. –June

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5 Responses to Decluttering

  1. june says:

    Sheila, I’ll check in privately as soon as I get to the basement to do some inventory. Will you be making a trip to Oregon to see Judy this summer? It would be cheaper to deliver fabric to Hood River than to ship it. Talk to you soon.


  2. Birgit says:

    Decluttering is great! Opens up space for new ideas,


  3. Sheila says:

    June, when you get to the cotton pfd fabric, don’t forget I am interested. In fact, more interested than when I first mentioned it. I have been printing on muslin for my padfolios and it occurred to me that I really should be using something slightly more durable. I’m verging on another printing spree so would be in the market soon.


  4. june says:

    Jan, do you remember Pigpen — a Peanuts character, I think. He wandered around in a perpetual cloud of dust. That’s what I think happens here — only it’s “stuff” as well as dust.

    And your story reminds me of how lots of people lead pure and simple lives — by discarding their unwanted bits onto other people’s lives.


  5. Jan B says:

    With all that new found space you need to get out and hit some garage sales, bring more “stuff” home. haha Congratulations, now you just need to stay on the roll, find homes for more thing. I recently had a guest staying here who kept making snide remarks about all my clutter, and when he left, he left me his bike, an old pair of pants, a duffel bag, and various other things. Is it any wonder that I have clutter? It migrates here.


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