Antionia Manda: First Friday at Full Circle

The first of July came on Friday this month, so a new featured artist appeared at Full Circle Gallery.

Antonia Manda’s work consists of computer-generated prints, sophisticated workings within a program called Freehand.

Antonia Manda, Tree series, July 2011.

This is a site photo, of course, so the delicacy of the line work isn’t obvious. Antonia begins from scratch, using memory and knowledge as her base, and her knowledge of the fine arts (in which she has a degree) as her model. So each of the tree limbs and trunks has six or eight fine lines that curve alongside them, adding depth and movement to the primary line and shape.

Antonia Manda, Swimmer Series, July 2011

Along with the tree series, Antonia presented swimmers, again, making exquisite use of line to indicate water, over, under and in. And in two of these (bottom left and right) she takes the sense of being encapsulated, felt in the water series,and combines it with tree imagery; the hues echo the water as does the sense of enclosure and human figures, but of course, the references are to trees, not water.

I had a few works at the gallery, also. These are old pieces, from 2007-08, when I was in Basin, Montana.

June Underwood, Oil on masonite, December-January 2007-2008.

It was a fine evening, outside and in, this first of July. And it looks like we’ve come to summer here at last. More good First Fridays, at least for the next several months. –June

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