Hydrangeas: Irrefutable Beauty

My annual hydrangea adoration:

I couldn’t resist enlarging the close-up. And the blue-topped stand, which is a cracked  faded relique from someone’s attic, comes into its own in hydrangea season. –June

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5 Responses to Hydrangeas: Irrefutable Beauty

  1. Carla says:

    These are beautiful!


  2. june says:

    Janet, these started out very pink but are slowly moving toward blue. We have delicious blue ones along the side of the house (these are by the studio). I like cupping them in my hands when I walk by them.

    Thanks, Martha, they are indeed wonderful!


  3. Martha Ginn says:

    June, the hydrangeas are wonderful! Great photos, too!
    Martha Ginn


  4. janetl says:

    It does indeed!
    I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them last summer, but I focused on the blue ones.


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