Quotidian Matters

Isn’t “quotidian” a fine word? It somehow feels like the dog days of August, with a bit of spin.

I have been laid up (or out) with a twisted back for a couple of weeks. Just as I thought I was recovering, I managed to step off the edge of a sidewalk and twist it again. So I’ve had lots of quotidian.

From my computer, I get to see the front room with its window to the porch and beyond.

The red and black piece hanging to the left is my last textile art for Edge, the Kansas Art Quilters exhibiting group. And front-right is a big roll of canvas, last attacked by watercolor in 2007. I keep thinking I’ll do something with it, like cut it up.

Being August, the world outside is a heavy,  sultry green. One doesn’t normally think of green as “sultry” but the smidgen of humidity and the dense presence of foliage seems to reek of, well, you know — sultriness.

From our front porch (above) you can look down on the flower bed (below), the only sunny spot on the property, where an appropriate canna lily blazes.

Just down the street, in the industrial district near the Yale Union Laundry Building,  the goats continue to enjoy the fruits of the city. They meander, browsing, through the grass, and then get out of the sun, hunkering down under their platform.


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3 Responses to Quotidian Matters

  1. june says:

    Hi Kathy, I’ll try to send good vibes your way, so you can travel without care to PEFO.

    I just got an email from the Hubbell Trading Post, up the road from PEFO, about my Sept. 30 residency. A bit of a shock, since I hadn’t heard from them since I sent my application in January. And I’m scheduled for hip replacement Oct 4. I’m hoping they can reschedule. The email cheered me up, though, since it indicated that I was still beloved (or at least acceptable in artistic terms) in the Park service. I had gotten a bit discouraged.

    Anyway, have a great time and if you get a chance, check out the Hubbell. It’s an easy drive from PEFO — on the way to Canyon de Chelly. Phenomenal country!


  2. Kathy Hodge says:

    Sorry about your back. Hope it’s feeling better by now. I love the pictures of the goats, I thought the top one was a painting at first! I’m about to start packing for the Petrified Forest, and keeping my fingers crossed!


  3. Jan says:

    June, sorry your back is still out. I hurt mine too a bit over a week ago. It was feeling better so I stupidly lifted something too heavy and hurt it worse than it had already been. So I have a good excuse to laze around these lovely dog days of summer. Not feeling creative even, just soaking up the sun and heat. Enjoying my cannas too! I love those tropical looking flowers, they make me feel like I’m in Hawaii or something. Hope it isn’t too hot for you in the city. Take care.


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